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Our History
Part 3
1951-1956 1957-1961 1962-1966



Within a year, production of the new power cultivator exceeds 10,000. Since 1953 the sales volume of the company had doubled each year.
The number of employees exceeds 100 and the search is on for a suitable product to maintain employment during the winter period. The result is Europe´s first direct-drive chain saw - SOLO REX.
The annual production of SOLO units now exceeds 32,000. The first SOLO subsidiaries abroad are being formed in France and Austria.

Production numbers are doubled to more than 65,000 units with the success in export markets. The African state of Ghana places an order for 37,000 motorized backpack mistblowers for use in cocoa plantations.

SOLO forms the first overseas subsidiary in the USA (today´s SOLO INC. in Newport News, Virginia).
Development of the first all plastic manual sprayer.


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