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Our History
1948-1950 1951-1956


Company founded:

Feb 10, 1948
Official founding date:
May 10, 1948
Founding shareholders and

Hans and Heinz Emmerich
In a small workshop, the brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich began the development of the first small two-stroke engine. At that time, the "lightest" industrial engines weighed as much as 35 pounds.
On June 20, 1948, the same day as the Germany Currency Reform took place, the first KMS 30 (KMS = KleinMotoren Stuttgart) engine was born. Intended as a power source for portable machines, the KMS 30 weighed only 14.3 pounds yet produced 1.2 HP. An incredible feat for that time.
chronik_48-50_3.gif (21707 Byte) 1949
Prototypes of the first lawnmower with a horizontally rotating blade were shown at the DLG Exhibition in Hanover. Also introduced were a water pump and a double piston pump for plant protection purposes in vineyards. The first order was received for 300 of these pumps. They were used very successfully in vineyards in the Stuttgart wine growing district.
Professor Heinkel, owner of the well-known Heinkel AG, personally introduced a radical new scooter that had a full body and new 60cc engine. That prototype provided the model for the future Heinkel scooter.
The first engine driven backpack dusting machine (now exhibited in the German Museum in Munich) was developed. Simultaneously, preparations were made for the large scale production of the engines KMS 30 and KMS 60.


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