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Chemical Applicators:Sprayer Accessories: Nozzles

Product Name Price Thumbnail Image Product Description
0065132 Price - 8.95 USD Flat Spray Nozzle - Stainless Steel Insert
0065210 Price - 3.95 USD Brass Flat Spray Nozzle
0610408-P Price - 14.95 USD Sprayer Elbow and Nozzle Assortment
0610410-P Price - 8.75 USD Brass Adjustable Nozzle Kit w/cap and O-Ring. For a full range of sprays - from a fine mist to a jet stream.
0610456-P Price - 12.95 USD Nozzle Assortment
2700316 Price - 4.95 USD Solo No-drip check valve prevents spray tip from dripping when not in use. Fits all Solo models. Must also order Solo part # 0062115. Replaces filter washer.
4074263 Price - 2.00 USD Flat Spray Nozzle - For Row treatment.
4074385 Price - 2.50 USD No-Drift Nozzle 1.0
4074386 Price - 2.50 USD No-Drift Nozzle 2.0
4074513 Price - 2.50 USD No-Drift Nozzle 5.0
4074514 Price - 2.50 USD No-Drift Nozzle 2.5
4074755 Price - 2.50 USD Jet Stream Nozzle - For spot and longer range spray applications. Use with swirl plate #4074756 for hollow cone pattern for shrub and bush treatment.
4900207 Price - 6.25 USD Brass Adjustable Spray Nozzle
4900252 Price - 2.85 USD Hollow Cone Nozzle 1.4mm
4900322 Price - 2.85 USD Hollow Cone Nozzle 1.8mm
4900397 Price - 14.95 USD Foam Spray Nozzle
4900477 Price - 29.95 USD Double Spray Nozzle
4900527 Price - 4.25 USD Plastic Adjustable Nozzle - For spot, shrub, or bush applications.
TP800067-SS Price - 13.85 USD Flat Spray Jet (Stainless Steel)Replaced by 0065215
0065215 Price - 13.85 USD Flat Sray Nozzle (Stainless Steel)
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