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Solo Inc. has parts lists available for the following items. You may order the parts you need directly from the spare parts list.

  1. Click on a product link below.
  2. Identify the part position number on the diagram.
  3. Scroll down and click on the corresponding part number.
  4. Place your's that easy!

430-1G, 430-2G & 430-3G Illustrated Handheld Sprayer Parts List

454, 456, 457 Illustrated Handheld Sprayer Parts List

425, 475, 435, 485, 474, 476 Illustrated Backpack Sprayer Parts List

If you need a parts list for other items not listed above (chain saws, trimmers, air blowers, or sprayers), click on the appropriate link below. You will need to know the model number of your unit. If you don't know the model number, please review our other pages to try to identify your model. If you cannot identify your model number, please call Solo at 1-800-296-7656. When using the links below, you can:

  1. Select and display the parts list you need
  2. Print the list or write down the part number you need
  3. Click the Back button in your web browser to return to this Parts Ordering section
  4. Type in the Part number in the Search field on the left to locate the part
  5. Order your part.

Air Blower Spare Parts Lists

Trimmer/Brushcutter Spare Parts Lists

Hedgetrimmer Spare Parts List

Chain Saw Spare Parts Lists

Mist Blower Spare Parts Lists

Motorized Sprayer Spare Parts List

Roto-tiller Spare Parts List

Sicklebar Mower Spare Parts List

Spreader Spare Parts List

StrikeMaster Ice Auger Engine Parts


Type a number into the search box on the left

Product Name Price Thumbnail Image Product Description
0010107 Price - 1.80 USD Screw
0010108 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010110 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010112 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010123 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010128 Price - 1.45 USD Screw
0010134 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010138 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010141 Price - 1.95 USD Screw
0010143 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010145 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010146 Price - 2.10 USD Screw
0010154 Price - 1.80 USD Screw
0010157 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010165 Price - 1.80 USD Screw
0010175 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010177 Price - 1.45 USD Screw
0010181 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
0010182 Price - 1.45 USD Screw
0010188 Price - 1.65 USD Screw
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